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Foot Massage with Sea Salt at CASalon

                                                                           San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal Foot Massage Salon

Undoubtedly, table massage works wonders with your tiredness and mood. In additionb tro using therapeutic oils and warm water, sea Salt has amazing properties to cleanse off all the needless dirt. Our trained professionals in CA massage salon serve you with an ancient foot massage with sea salt scrubs which cleanse, refresh, exfoliate and pamper your skin.A combination of baking soda and sea salt work as a detox for your feet soreness caused due to long standing or walking jobs.The foot bath and massage will relax your muscles of the entire body plus make your feet look clean and maintained again.It also keeps away foot odor and helps combat toenail fungus and ingrown nails.

30 minutes : $35
60 minutes : $59
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