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Signature Facial At Best Day Spa Salon in San Diego.

Signature Facial At Best Day Spa Salon in San Diego.

Signature facial massages

are unique to all salons and spa. They are usually those techniques in which the spa professionals hold an expertise and the best of client satisfaction. Most of these signature spa treatments or facials use some special ingredients which are not used in the basic procedures and the combination used and the way they are used can be custom to the spa and salon using it.
Massage and Tea, San Diego offers professional facials and massages to provide you the best of experience and the best relaxation. Signature facial here is a deluxe treatment that includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, relaxation foot and hand massage , back and neck massage to ease your muscles, exfoliation of hands and feet too. Our exotic signature facial begins with deep pore cleansing of your skin and also includes exfoliation, extraction, double layered face mask and an awesome face and scalp massage.

Custom facial

which is a signature to Massage and Tea Day Spa and Salon at San Diego not only gives you an instant and amazing result but also lasts longer than the usual facial treatments . In this , our massage experts also treat your skin to rehydrate and revitalize your skin. You can also get your signature facial paired with other signature services suitable to your skin type like signature hand and foot massage and spa.
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