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Blemishes Explained - San Diego Salon

Blemishes Explained - San Diego Salon
Blemishes on face can be disturbing and emotionally upsetting. Although most of them are benign and not dangerpous, still its important to be observant.Blemishes are basically any kind of marks. discoloration or spots visible on the skin. For conditions that can be taken care of and can be rectified at professional salons, Downtown San Diego's Massage and Tea day spa and salon's specialised traditional facials play a wonderful role.This is a very wide term which can be mainly divided into following commonly faced issues -

Acne - Usually seen during teen growth periods, this is most common and frustrating skin conditions. Acne eruption could be hormonal, genetic, or due to medications. Acne is caused when sebum (oil), bacteria, or dirt clogs hair follicles and can sometimes leave dark spots or scarring on the skin.

Sun Exposure blemishes - Apart from sun tan, sun exposure can also cause patychy discoloration of skin and may worsen the freckles if any. These might need to be observed and checked for any malignancy.

Liver spots or Age spots - These patchy brown dark spots, usually seen over the age of 50 are mostly due to exposure to sun or other UV rays.

Birthmarks - Seen at the time of birth or shortly there after, these can range in appearance, size, shape and color and most of these usually stay a lifetime.

Melasma - brownish shady patches usually seen on cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose or chin but can also occur on neck and forearms, are common discoloration seen during pregnancy or due to contraceptives, postmenopausal hormone therapy as well as due to low levels of thyroid hormone.

Other than the above stated conditions, there are many skin conditions that need medical supervision like chicken pox, facial herpes, rosacea and genetic situations like Fabry disease and Darier disease.

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