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Why Stay Away From Your Lipstick!

Why Stay Away From Your Lipstick!Massage and Tea, San Diego's massage salon and day spa , professionals swear upon spreading any and all information that would be affecting your body and skin. Right from offering traditional and relaxing body massages and beauty treatments like anti aging facials, body spray tan and eyelash extension to sharing tit bits of details about how to take care of yourself and pamper yourself, our skin professionals are always at your service.

Fair skinned maidens with glossy red lips are sure to turn heads and so look the warm skinned dark beauties with their tan colored lipsticks. Beyond looking good, its important to understand the dangers of the colors you apply lavishly to your delicate lips skin. Here are the reasons why you should avoid lipsticks as much as possible.

Just recently , a few renowned lipstick brands have either slashed down their prices for a few lip colors and some lip shades from particular brands have been banned, the reason behind both being the same... LEAD !! Almost all lipsticks and lip glosses contain lead which is a known cancer causing agent.

"The presence of lead in lipstick is both troubling and frustrating," said Janet Nudelman, a co-founder of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, to Latin Times. "Troubling because lead is a known neurotoxin and experts know there's no safe limit. It's frustrating because consumer have no way of knowing there's lead in the product because of label." "Lead is a known neurotoxin, reproductive toxin and possible carcinogen. It's one of the chemicals we know the most about regarding adverse effects due to exposure. What's problematic is that lead builds up in your body over time. Even a little bit ingested every day can add up over time. And experts say there's no safe level of lead exposure."

Lipsticks may contain many harmful ingredients like toxic lead, cadmium, mercury and antimony. And also lipsticks may contain formaldehyde, a preservative and known carcinogen, mineral oil substances are also known to block pores while parabens like carcinogens are often used as preservatives. The skin of our lips is very thin and highly sensitive and slow absorption and ingestion, both is dangerous.

The reason of a product possibly being toxic is good enough for you to avoid the same whenever possible. Never sleep wearing any kind of make up.
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