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Best Eyelash ExtensionsIn San Diego

Best Eyelash ExtensionsIn San Diego Eyelash extension at our San Diego salon and day spa serving Hillcrest, Petco Park, Downtown, Gaslamp, Little Italy and other areas, id a luxurious process that you would love. With light music falling in your ears, lying down calmly for an hour or so with some light ticklings on your eyelashes is simply woww!!

Eyelash Extension - What it's like?!

Eyelash extensions help enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes. The materials used for the same may include mink, synthetic, or horse hair. The main method of applying the extensions is by using an adhesive glue to individually stick the extensions to the eyelash line. False eyelashes and eyelash extensions are not the same.(wikipedia) Extensions are of different types and  are applied one at a time using a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate the eye nor damage the natural lash.

You will have choices - We offer you choices to choose from as to how you wish your new lavish eyelashes to turn up. You can choose for any length from between 9-15mm, any curl like "C" or "J" curl, any material like faux mink, silk, real mink.
They need maintenance - Yes, its not a one time process and for ever. If you take good care like avoiding water and oil based products near and on your eyelashes you can have them for a month and a half without needing a touch up.
Don't worry with the makeup- You don't have to bid adieu to your makeup. Just make sure not to use water and oil based products on the lashes.
Don't mess with them - You might hear that extensions can ruin your eyelashes! Yes they can, if you mess with them. Do not try to pull them out on your own. If you ever need to have them removed, reach out to a professional.

Eyelash extension is one of the most desired beauty service amongst women today in any part of the world. The glam is incomplete without this beauty service. Just as any beauty or cosmetic service, this too is very important to be discussed and taken from a professional salon. Our massage therapists and beauty professionals make sure you are aware about the procedure you wish to go for and are happily prepared for it.
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