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Facial Massage - Face and Scalp Massage

Facial Massage - Face and Scalp Massage

Facial massages

require precision, professionalism and experience. A face massage is not just about giving massage strokes on the face. For good results and relaxation to the facial muscles, one should know the exact strokes, the right amount of pressure to be applied, the direction and time period and also the correct order of the facial procedure strokes.

Our professionally trained massage therapists

talk to you, understand your mental requirements of relaxation, observe your skin types and the need of the season and then suggest you the type of facial you should go for. We consider a facial massage as a way of relaxing and toning your facial muscles and also pushing out the stress out of you.
Our professional facial moves will for sure ease you of your migraines or pain from exercise or over exertion. Come over to Massage and Tea Day Spa and massage salon in CA to look younger, feel younger and fitter.
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