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Massage Therapy Versus Physiotherapy

Massage Therapy Versus PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy or a massage therapy? When in pain and in need of relaxation and relief, it becomes a bit difficult to make you your mind whom to approach.If you understand your body and what it needs and the difference between the two therapies, you would be able to make a better choice for yourself.

Professional massage therapists at Massage and Tea Salon and day spa are one of the most trusted ones in San Diego. Both these therapies work on the same aim of relaxing the body and muscles but their way of working on the same aim is different.

- Massage therapy is basically a hands-on technique mainly to help you relax and feel good. It helps treat fatigue and stress and reduce pain thereby preventing loss of mobility. 

  Physiotherapy,done with the help of therapeutic exercises and manual techniques by registered medical professionals helps restore movement and function in people who have suffered   some injury or are in some sort of pain in the body. 

 - Massage therapy like our very famous in California,Swedish massage or deep tissue massage provides immediate relaxation of pain and muscle spasms, whereas physiotherapy works     more towards rehabilitating muscle and joint function.

 - Massage therapy is a holistic approach to the treatment done in a calm cosy environment after a general consultation about your requirements and expectations. Massage therapy may     also include aromatherapy to help relax mind and muscles, while working mainly on soft tissue.

   A physiotherapist begins with listening to you and dignosing your problem through physical examination and tests and works locally at the injured area during the treatment       concentrating   on the rehabilitation and strengthening of the injured area. After treatment they guide you with a customised treatment plan containing exercises and stretches to be done   at home to accelerate and help the treatment that they are performing.

The kind of  therapy you wish to go for depends entirely upon your condition and choice. If you still are notr being able to make up your mind, our professionals at San Diego Massage Salon are there for your support.
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