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Skin Care Mistakes

Skin Care MistakesEvery skin type is equally sensitive, be it dry skin, T skin, oily or to be said normal skin. Your face faces a lot of harsh conditions, some at the hands of the environment and some due to own skin care mistakes. Let's talk of some "Never Do This To Your Skin."

• Not Applying Sunscreen - Simply said those rays will not only alter your real complexion but also curse you with those dry wrinkles before your age deserves them.
• Not Removing Make up At Day End - However tired, lazy you must be feeling, sleeping with those layers on is a big NO-NO.
• Being Unfair In Sleep And Food - Not giving enough sound sleep of a minimum of 6 hours daily and enjoying junk food all the time will not spare your skin quality.
• Experimenting With Products - Do not treat your skin as a guinea pig. Be sure of what it can bear before applying. Trying to look good for a few hours might not prove a good idea with some products in the long run.
• Over Scrubbing and Over Peeling - Do not take off the good layers of your skin by over scrubbing or frequent scrubbing or peeling. Keep a good face care regime.
• Not Keeping Your Bedding Clean - Keep changing your sheets and pillow cases frequently to avoid any dirt settling and rubbing on your skin from them.
• Hot Shower Baths - Too hot or too cold water is too bad for your skin. Love your skin to keep it healthy.
• Popping Pimples - Never play with your pimples and acne if you want a flawless shiny smooth skin after your teenage years.

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