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Daily face wash regime is must take care.

Daily face wash regime is must take care.None of us would ever want to do any injustice to our face. Perfect flawless skin is not limited to celebs pals! But yes your daily face washing is not as easy as you might think. If you really want a good healthy facial skin, a good cleaning is what is must.
  •   Choose the right cleansing product - Never take your skin lightly. Pamper it, care for it and it will speak for you. Choose the right and mild products for your face. Don't be harsh on it . The right face wash or gel or cleanser will remove the dirt and relax your pores but the wrong choice can strip your skin's natural oils and healthy cells.
  •   No Overdoing Please - Just use lukewarm water generously and do skip your daily cleaners once in a while and trust water's capabilities in refreshing your skin cells. Do not overdo the cleansing and specially the scrubbing and exfoliation. Keep the exfoliation or face scrub limited to twice a week.
  •   Rinse Very Well - Make sure you are really clear off all the soap or cleanser you applied to your face. Do not let any residue stay on your skin.
  •   Pricy is Better - Come out of this myth. It's not necessary that always pricey cosmetics are better for your skin. You can go for simple home remedies too. Ask your professional massage therapist about your skin type and what daily regime would be best for it.
  •   Be Gentle - Never rub your face while towel drying. Simple patting will do all good.
  •   Facial will give an added touch - Custom signature facial from a reputed salon will definitely do you good. It will not only relax your face muscles without over pressurizing them but will also clean all pores and provide the much needed hydration
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