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Healthy Skin Care - Face Care At Night

Healthy Skin Care - Face Care At NightHad you been away from house working, travelling and facing pollution, dust and sun or had you been busy taking all that cooking steam and house chores dust onto your face, skin care specially when it comes to your sensitive facial skin, is of utmost importance. Massage and tea skin care therapists lay emphasis on the daily face wash routine.
Splashing water a few times a day is good enough to keep yourself looking and feeling fresh but do not miss" the calling the day off " face care. You can use a face cleanser firstly, spreading it evenly over the face and wiping off with a wet cotton or cotton ball dipped in rose water. Then, follows the face wash story..

Wet your face with lukewarm water. Avoid hot or cold water to keep away rashes or abrasions.
Take a dime sized amount of face wash according to your skin type and for this any skin care professional or massage therapist at a good Salon can assist you choose. Spread evenly over your palms and then on your face and gently rub in circular motions for about less than a minute.
It would be better to remove any make up or pollutants or dust from your face using a face cleanser before washing the face.
Exfoliate your skin gently using a skin type suitable natural scrub or may be a home made scrub, for example honey, sugar and water or milk in the proportion of 1:1:1.
Pat dry your face, do not rub.
Apply face toner to give your skin a smooth finish and close any open pores. You can use rose water or a mix of lemon juice and water for the same.
Pamper your skin with a moisturizer as the last step and let it breathe afresh overnight.

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