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How Does Exfoliation Work For Me?! Tips

How Does Exfoliation Work For Me?! TipsExfoliation is all about scrubbing off the dead skin cells from your face to let your skin breathe and develop fresh skin cells on the surface. Exfoliation works wonders to keep you looking young and fresh and keep wrinkles and that matte ashy texture away. All types of skin need a regular scrub regime, choices of how to do so differ though. Massage and facial experts at Massage and Tea Day Spa and Salon, San Diego, speak how to go about the same.

Scrubs for face and body are different as the skin differs in its sensitivity. Depending upon individual preference, you might use a salt or sugar scrub, a readymade body scrub, scrub made from your kitchen or even just the daily shower gel and a loofah, for your body, the purpose remains the same ... kick off the dead skin cells. For your face you should use much gentler things, like a herbal face scrub according to your skin type or warm water dipped clean wash cloth. Exfoliation can be done twice a week but be careful not to overdo the same. Rub gently, gently, in circular motions and do not forget to tone your skin with splashes of cold water and then moisturize to regain the lost moisture.

Love thy skin and keep away from over scrubbing. Symptoms like redness, sensitivity, rashes, itching can be signs of over exfoliation and that's the time you need to give a break to your scrub routine and pamper your skin the other way.
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