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How To Choose The Right Lip Color

How To Choose The Right Lip Color
Most of us love collecting colors , be it for outfits, footwear, accessories or even makeup. A bag full of lip shades many of them untouched going towards their expiry. It's always better to be near sure while selecting your cosmetics, according to your skin tone and texture, occasion and outfit.
We'll talk here about how can you choose the right lip color for yourself.
  • First and foremost is to identify and consider your skin undertone. A quick way to identify your skin's undertone is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they are blue, and you also tend to gravitate towards wearing blues, whites, and grays, you’ve got pink undertones. If your veins appear more green, you have a warmer yellow undertone. If they appear to be both blue and green, you are the lucky owner of a neutral skin tone (meaning equal pink and yellow tones), and you can wear any color.
  • Judge according to your skin tone. Olive skin tones have an easy choice to make. You can go for most nude, pink, orange, and red shades. On fair skin, bold reds and deeper shades look great. For darker skin tones, go for deep plums, berries and reds.
  • Read your lip tone - Whenever deciding for a lipstick, wear it only on the lower lip and compare to the tone of your upper lip. Go for a tone that is a single or a double tone darker than your natural lip color.
  • How do you want your lips to look - If you want a fuller look to your lips, choose glossy creamy shades. The darker and flatter the lip shades, your lips will look thinner.
  • Lip liners are not really required unless you wish a highlight . Avoid doing an exact match of lip color with your dress color. it makes the color just too much.
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