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Couples Massage Salon, San Diego - The Best Moments

Couples Massage Salon, San Diego - The Best MomentsRelaxation massages at Massage and Tea Day Spa and Salon, San Diego definitely provide you with a heavenly experience, but have you ever thought of scooping out an hour from your busy routines once in a while to share that experience with your partner !! What's the need hmm?! We share her the relationship benefits of a couple massage as shared by some of our precious customers.
  •   Reconnection - Lying close by with hands in hand or eyes in eyes in a perfect harmonious and musical atmosphere, with the fragrance of natural oils and relaxing massage motions on your body, your senses are sure to reel you to the best moments you both must have shred together. You are bound to forget the past and future and live the moment, Together.
  •   Comfort Zone- Usually, for the first timers massage receivers, it might get a little uncomfortable to undress at the salon massage room, but if a partner is there with you, someone you know well and are close to, it will make you feel much more relaxed to enjoy complete benefits of the body massage.
  •   Time Together- In busy working schedules, an hour of a couple massage with soft music and the aura, followed by a lunch together, will work as a bliss for both of you.
  •   Healthy Experience- When a partner shares his weak or stressed sore areas with the therapist and the kind of massage that is soothing him/her, you get to know more about your partner.

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