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Prenatal Massage - Best Relaxation Massage San Diego

Prenatal Massage - Best Relaxation Massage San Diego

A perfect prenatal massage

is no less than an extra dose of comfort and pampering for the mother to be and the child in the womb. Pregnancy is accompanied with unknown stress, both physical and mental, soreness of the body and unwanted pains and heaviness of muscles. Prenatal massage at Massage and Tea day spa center, is one of the best ways to relieve yourself of the above. Our trained massage therapists take ample care on individual basis as to what kind of massage and especially what positions for massage would be most comfortable for the mother.


Pregnancy massage

will ease you off the soreness and help strengthen the birthing muscles and relieving physical stress will also keep you relaxed and happy for yourself and your little one. Any discomforts like headache, stiffness of the neck and back, pain in the les and thighs, can all be relieved by a professional massage in a comfortable environment.
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