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Know Your Skin Type And Its Care

Know Your Skin Type And Its CareProfessional massages and skin treatments can make any skin look awesome, but natural beauty is the best beauty. It's important you know your skin type and its care. Skin types could fall under one of the following types-

Oily Skin -  An oily skin with several breakouts and clogged pores.
Oily Combination Skin - An oily skin with occasional breakouts and may be a T zone.
Oily Sensitive Skin - An oily skin that is sensitive to most kinds of cleansers or cosmetics and comes up with consistent breakouts.
Normal skin - A skin type that adjusts with the environment.
Normal/Sensitive Skin - Skin that isn't dry or oily but is sensitive to any undue exposures or cosmetics.
Dry/Aging/Tired - Dry skin with wrinkles and crow feet showing signs of aging.
Dry/Sensitive - Dry skin that might not be aging but is so due to exposure to harsh environment or sun or chemicals.

Regardless of what skin type you have, you must love your skin and care for it.

In case of dry skin, make sure you nourish your body with moisturizer both from the inside and the outside. Plenty of fluids to be drank and regular application of body lotions or body oils. Avoid exposure to chemicals and dry weather. Trust your trained massage therapist to suggest the best facial and skin care regime for you.

Oily skin can embarrass you by the unwanted pimples, acne or even the unnecessary shining areas. Keep your skin clean with gentle soaps and splashes of water frequently. Avoid fried foods, application of much cosmetics.

Enjoy your normal skin if you have one. You would rarely get any pimples or dry patches but that doesn't mean you won't care for your skin. Regular massage and clean up routine will give you the best glow you would fall for.
Be sure not to wear make up to bed. Use gentle soaps or cleansers to remove the same. Have a lot of fluids and avoid smoking and harsh chemicals. Visit your nearest Spa and Salon for the best advice.
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