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Secret To Lovely Nails - Professional Manicures San Diego

Secret To Lovely Nails - Professional Manicures San DiegoOhh, those trendy nail arts look so beautiful! But do you have nails good enough to flaunt the art? Is something really missing in your nails? Are they healthy enough? Not all nails are as good as one would want them to be. Some might be chipped, some embedded, some might have dry corners and so on. Daily nail care is a must not only to keep your nails and hands looking healthy and clean but also for your overall health.

Our pedicure and manicure professionals at San Diego Salon , Massage and Tea, speak of regular care to most of the clients. Here's what they recommend -
  •  Take care not to cut your cuticles. Restrict the cutting part to the grown up extra nail length.
  •   Don't go for nail hardeners or chemicals that promise to do so. Using oil or a daily moisturizer will do enough good to your nail bed and cuticles.
  •  Consume healthy dietVitamin B supplements and otherwise a daily healthy diet can do good to your brittle weak nails.
  •  strong chemicals based nail coats or varnishes
  •  Wear gloves while doing any washing with harsh checmicals.>
  •  Keep away from nail biting strictly.


    Massage therapists and experts at our day spa and salon at Downtown, San Diego , are always there to answer your queries and guide you about personal care.
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