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Best Facials at Gaslamp, San Diego Day SPa and Salon

Best Facials at Gaslamp, San Diego Day SPa and SalonA young refreshed flawless skin FEEL is something no one would want to miss at. But the daily routines, stress, lack of time and other factors do not usually allow each one of us to take the required care of our skin. And with time, these start showing up on our face in the form of clogged pores, blackheads, puffy eyes, uneven skin tone and the very visible tiredness.

Facials at a professional massage salon

and a day spa can work wonders for your skin and also help your senses and body relax. Let's talk about some benefits of a custom facial that would suit your skin as offered at Massage and Tea Salon at Downtown San Diego .

    » The best thing is facials help you relax - The power of touch and heal works positively for any skin. Trained massage therapists give you the required massage pressure and strokes during the facial and it will for sure feel wonderful!

    » Facials improve skin - Face, neck and back massage during a facial not only helps to improve blood circulation but also helps remove waste underneath the skin that can cause puffiness, ruddiness.

    » Helps lay back ageing signs to some extent - Regular facial massages with the best products and experienced therapists help you fight the fine lines and wrinkles by smoothening them away and tightening the skin to some extent, making you feel refreshed.

    » Better cleansing than DIY - Extractions and exfoliations help keep the skin much cleaner than what you can do at home all by yourself. Clean pores means better blood and air circulation and a healthier skin.

    » The right facial - Facials like Signature facials are custom to skin types and a professionally trained esthetician can best suggest the products that would be best for your skin type.

The right facial can help slow down the aging process, reduce fine lines, age spots and hydrate your skin. A good skin makes you feel comfortable and confident.
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