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Massage Benefits During Winter Months

Massage Benefits During Winter MonthsWinters bring with them lazy low days, less of exercise more of sleep, more of  eating and less of digesting. All this makes you feel heavy and achy. Skin betrays you turning dry and chapped. To stay and feel healthy and active during winter months, a winter massage is one of the most effective way.
  • A relaxing body massage during chilly days helps improve your blood circulation thereby making your muscles feel relaxed and body feel much active. With an increased blood flow and body warmth you can keep yourself safe from any kinds of calf pains and chilly hands and feet.
  • Hot oil massage puts life back into your dry and dull skin, making you look fresh and supple throughout the cold months. Custom facials and San Diego's Massage and Tea salon keeps you away from winter dryness and wrinkles.
  • A good massage boosts up the immune system and also tones up the endocrine system to produce more of happy hormones(oxytosin) and lower the stress hormone ( cortisol). This helps you stay happy and stress free.
If you wish to experience happy winters free from low mood swings and lazy days, visit our professional massage salon and day spa serving customers from CA, San Diego, Downtown, Southern California, Petco Park.
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