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Must Haves In Your Hand Bag

Must Haves In Your Hand BagIt's an "on-the-go" life nowadays. You just might have to rush for a meeting or a date or may be just shopping with pals or to a bank or wherever. A few essentials you should always be carrying in your bag to give you that fresh and confident look.

Moisturizer/Sunscreen - it's a basic must have. You can fresh up by splashing water from your water bottle but the you would just need to do away with that dry or rough look. Keep your skin hydrated, inside-outside!!

Concealers - The best camouflage for your uneven skin, unless you are a blessed one. Keep the one that's best suitable to your skin texture and complexion and also easy to carry.

Translucent compact powder - Even if you run out of the concealer, this compact can be a great help to even up your skin to some extent and give you a fresh look.

Eyeshadow - Carry your natural bronze and pinks and look lovely for the day.

A set of brushes - You might anytime need an eyeshadow or a compact brush or just a lip brush. Carry your set.

Mascara - Pretty eyes do all that is needed for the face. A touch of blusher, eyeshadow, kajal and mascara is complete makeup, on - the -go.

• Eye Pencil - a brown or black eye liner or eye pencil pencil works wonders to make you look beautiful.

Lip Gloss/Lipstick - a colored lip gloss or a lipstick , whatever you are fond of gives the finishing touch to your face while keeping your lips moist and protected.

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