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Contact Lenses - Beautiful Eyes.

Contact Lenses - Beautiful Eyes.Yes, we are a massage salon and day spa serving Hillcrest, Petco Park, Downtown areas of San Diego , but our team also holds an expertise in beauty treatments which include eyelash extensions, volume lashes, body spray tan and more. Along with making you look beautiful, we take apt care to make you aware and to remind you , again and again, that beauty and health goes hand in hand.

Having spoken of our eyelash extension services in our San Diego salon , we here come up to speak about Contact Lenses for your eyes. Some wear them as it makes them feel look better as compared to glasses and others for other reasons, but before you choose your option, you should best know about the pros and cons involved.

Pros -

• You would not need to wear those glasses day and night. You can look through good even while it's raining!
• You might feel looking better with those lenses, which can be of your color choice too.
• Lenses provide better side vision than glasses.
• They provide a predictable vision correction.
• Lenses cost way less than the surgery.


• They require ample care taking regarding regular cleaning.
• Dust in eyes can get terribly irritating and painful with lenses on.
• It may cause difficulty riding a bike.
• They are prone to scratches and damage or getting lost and damaged lenses affect your eyes badly.
• It may not turn out to be as comfortable to wear and carry them all the day as you might have thought.
• Contact lenses may cause eye dryness.
• In some work areas, it might get necessary to wear eye protection while wearing lenses.

Look beautiful but be determined to stay healthy!
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