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Difference between Swedish Massage and Thai Massage

Difference between Swedish Massage and Thai MassageWhile attending to clients of all ages and industries, our massage therapists at massage salon Midway,San diego, are asked about different types of massages, their procedures and the benefits. We make sure to clear any doubts in your mind to help you understand and decide what massage would you like to go for.

Here,we talk about the Difference between Swedish massage and Thai massage.
Swedish massage at our Downtown salon is the traditional relaxing massage including five techniques,namely, stroking and gliding, kneading, rubbing, pounding and shaking. Based on body anatomy and physiology, this massage aims at relxing the stressed muscles and provide healing effects. It uses essential oils or lotions rubbed on the unclad body. Our salon provides completely comfortable environment and privacy as per your comfort to have this procedure done.

Thai massage by our massage specialists, on the other hand, stimulates accupressure points by stretching and pressing different body parts in different positions on a floor mat. It doesnt include any oil massage. This helps loosen the tight muscles, provide relief from pain and increase blood supply making you feel energetic and light.
Massage and Tea Day Spa and Salon in San Diego, helps you choose the best for body pain relief as well as beautifying yourself.
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