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Dry Skin Care - Cleansing and Moisturizing Tips

Dry Skin Care - Cleansing and Moisturizing TipsWe love our skin and wish to look in our twenties as long as possible. Though none can fight aging and nature but taking appropriate care of your skin can help a lot. Its important to ease your dry skin and pamper it regularly. Lets talk about dry skin care tips as shared by experts at one of the best massage salon in San Diego, Massage and Tea .
  •   Avoid hot water - Warm water is definitely soothing and relaxing but hot water can strip off your skin of the much needed moisture.
  •   Avoid over exfoliation - Exfoliating the skin is important to do away with the dead skin and provide more absorption but over exfoliation in either way, doing it daily or doing it vigorously with the wrong kind of cloth or loofah, can cause itching irritation, skin inflammation. eep exfoliation limited to twice a week with the soft clean cloth or loofah.
  •   Moisturize - Be sure to nourish your skin with appropriate moisturizer. Keep the layer thin and just needed as a cover during the day to avoid sticking of dirt and germs and at night, let the layer be thicker.
  •   Shave smartly - If you use a razor to get rid of those extra hair, make sure you do it on wet skin after bathing and preferably in the same direction as your hair growth.
  •   Protect your skin - The harsh sun can do a lot of damage to your pretty baby skin. Make sure you wear a sunscreen according to the exposure your skin faces. Sunscreen with SPF 30 is good enough for your skin and a lip balm with SPF 15 is a good cover.
  •   Do not rub dry - Always use a soft cloth to pat dry your skin. DO not try to exfoliate by rub drying your face.
  •   Humidify in winters - You do need a blower or a heater in those chill days but make sure you use a humidifier along with to prevent loss of moisture from the room that would then affect your skin.

    Other than the above tips, professional therapists at Massage and Tea, Downtown, Gaslamp, can guide you with what is best for your skin. A professional face massage and body massage and spa at the day spa will for sure work wonders for your skin.
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