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Importance Of Medical History In Massage, Marina Salon Shares

Importance Of Medical History In Massage, Marina Salon SharesSan Diego's professional massage salon, Massage and tea, Marina, trains its therapists to maintain a well balanced professional contact and relationship with their clients. It is of utmost importance that clients who have come with physical discomfort and may be mental or psychological stress along with, be given a professional calm, hygienic  atmosphere to feel at ease during and after their session. Massage has the power to heal and restore your mind and body’s health and wellness through non invasive a drug-free approach .

A massage therapy is not just rubbing a tight muscle but it addresses a variety of health conditions that range from stress-induced tension and sleep disorders to high blood pressure, diabetes, lower back pain, spinal cord injury, autism, fatigue, post-operative care, age-related disorders, eating disorders, depression and more. It is very important to share all of your medical history to your therapist before beginning a session so that he or she can customize your massage accordingly as per your requirements and comfort.

It is important to know the medical history to be able to make the right choice of massage technique and pressure applied, also we always lay emphasis for our massage professionals to maintain a graph of relief of the client to understand how is the massage benefitting him/her to be able to make better decisions for the next visit or for a similar case visit.

We also guide our clients in case they need to go for a therapeutic medical massage and not just a salon massage, in the well being of the client.

Book your very own customized massage session at our traditional and professional trained massage salon and day spa, Marina.
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